About the Foundation

The Sean M. Walsh K-9 Memorial Foundation was formed by Sean’s friends and family only days after his mother, Cheryl, learned of his death. We were motivated not only by our love of Sean, but by our desire to fulfill Sean’s dream of being a K-9 Handler.  We would make it possible for other deserving Police Officer to fulfill their dream in Sean’s memory.  Led by Cheryl, we started the process of forming our Foundation.

As word got out about what we were doing, we started receiving donations from friends, co-workers and family members from all across the country and the Sean M. Walsh K-9 Memorial Foundation was off the ground.  We were able to fund the first grant to Santa Clara Police Department within our first 6 months.

We soon realized that there are many departments and communities in need of K-9s and started raising funds for our next donation.   We rely heavily on donations at Community Events, setting up an exhibit table, allowing us get the word out about “Sean’s K-9s” and help raise awareness of our Foundation and supply funding for the next donation for a K-9.   We also rely on business sponsors at all levels to help us reach our goal.

Sean’s dream has become his mother, Cheryl’s passion.  We are a 501c3 organization and are proud to say we are 100% volunteer.

We plan to start holding larger “Sean’s K-9s” Fund Raising Events in the future….

We can’t make this possible without donations from people like you.
Please donate to “Sean’s K-9s” and help us with our mission.

Sean’s K-9s Brochure

Sean’s K-9s Donor Brochure

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Every dollar counts. You donation, combined with the donations of others just like you, help establish and maintain K-9 teams for Agencies in need. It’s all about teamwork!